Version 3.1 RC4 (Build 3.10.5320)

  • Changes

  1. Cypheus is working in offline mode if connection to HylaFAX server is not available
  2. New MySQL ODBC driver (3.51.12) is included
  • Bugs fixed

  1. Wrong table entries while moving/copying faxes into sub-folders
  2. 4 minor issues

Version 3.1 RC3 (Build 3.10.5252)

  • Changes

  1. Some minor usability enhancements
  2. Names of MySQL database and tables can be set using only small letters
  • Bugs fixed

  1. Fax Viewer: Invisible window didn't close completely after forwarding a fax and opening preview of the same file
  2. Fax Viewer: Button bar didn't update correctly in all circumstances depending on type of document
  3. Cypheus didn't close completely after clicking Cancel button during start in some circumstances
  4. Refresh of received and sent faxes didn't work completely in some circumstances
  5. 3 minor issues

Version 3.1 RC2 (Build 3.10.5170)

  • Changes

  1. Settings: Added local Call-by-Call number
  2. Sub-folders may be added on main page
  3. New filter options: contains, begins with, ends with
  4. New Setup supports maintenance, update and custom setup. TIFF printer driver will be installed automatically.
  • Bugs fixed

  1. MySQL address book disappeared in some circumstances
  2. Annotations on TIFF pages were branded on wrong pages in some circumstances
  3. Importing settings failed on Windows 2000/XP with a non-privileged user
  4. Address book: Improved handling of groups
  5. Many minor issues

Version 3.1 RC1 (Build 3.10.5023)

  • Changes

  1. Settings: Added local Call-by-Call number
  2. TIFF viewer: New shortcuts
    CTRL+Left Mouse Button: Hand Tool
    SHIFT+Left Mouse Button: Zoom-in
    ALT+SHIFT+Left Mouse Button: Zoom-out
  3. TIFF viewer: Added "Invert Colors"
  • Bugs fixed

  1. "View & Send" corrupted TIFF files in some circumstances due to a bug of TIFF programming tool
  2. Cover sheet creation didn't work on Win98 with Redmon printer driver
  3. Internal sorting of received faxes didn't work correctly due to new file names (more zeros) in HylaFAX 4.2
  4. Tray icon was not accessible in some circumstances
  5. Some minor issues

Version 3.1 BETA 6 (Build 3.10.4948)

  • Changes

  1. Scan interface integrated in Fax Viewer window
  • Bugs fixed

  1. Login screen doesn't show in some circumstances
  2. Scan doesn't work with some TWAIN scanners

Version 3.1 BETA 5 (Build 3.10.4910)

  • Changes

  1. Document folders: MySQL database update for better performance
  2. TIFF viewer: New scan interface for setting default values
  3. Fax2Mail: New interface
  4. Fax polling: New interface
  5. Fax preview: Last position, window size and zoom factor is saved now
  • Bugs fixed

  1. Splash screen is on top of other windows at start
  2. Address book: List of Outlook contact folders was not refreshed in some circumstances
  3. All known print issues fixed
  4. Some minor issues

Version 3.1 BETA 4 (Build 3.10.4650)

  • Changes

  1. Send Fax: Documents can be reordered and will be sent from top to bottom
  2. Settings: Archive is disabled by default
  3. Settings: New transmission protocol prints all pages with a small header at the top of each page
  4. TIFF Viewer: New annotation types
  5. Main Window: Drag & Drop support improved
  6. Send Fax: Drag & Drop support improved
  • Bugs fixed

  1. TIFF Viewer: All known problems about scanning are resolved
  2. TIFF viewer: All known problems about wrong page orientation are resolved
  3. Start: Splash screen is visible until main window is shown
  4. Forward by e-mail is working again in all circumstances
  5. Address Book: List is shown correctly after window was maximized and closed
  6. Receiving state was not updated in some circumstances
  7. Printing protocols was delayed in some circumstances
  8. Many minor issues

Version 3.1 BETA 3 (Build 3.10.4493)

  • Changes

  1. FaxInfoCenter/Address Book: Columns' position changeable using Drag&Drop
  2. FaxInfoCenter: First column is changed to a fixed column
  3. FaxInfoCenter: Jobs are sorted descending by default
  4. Send Fax: You may sort list of receivers by each column
  5. TIFF viewer: Complete new interface (MDI) and new functions
  • Bugs fixed

  1. FaxInfoCenter: Changing columns didn't work in some circumstances
  2. Send Fax: Page width/height was changed due to wrong format calculation
  3. Send Fax: Overlays with low resolution did not fit on the page
  4. Some minor issues

Version 3.1 BETA 2 (Build 3.10.4485)

  • Changes

  1. FaxInfoCenter/Address Book: Columns' position changeable using Drag&Drop
  2. FaxInfoCenter: First column is changed to a fixed column
  3. FaxInfoCenter: Jobs are sorted descending by default
  4. Send Fax: You may sort list of receivers by each column
  5. TIFF viewer: Complete new interface (MDI) and new functions
  • Bugs fixed

  1. Send Fax: STRG+V didn't work to insert fax number
  2. Address Book: List's height not set correctly in some circumstances
  3. FaxInfoCenter: All received faxes visible even if user has assigned private folder
  4. Auto-Archiving: All faxes were archived instead of only those with a date older than the archiving period
  5. It was possible to add a receiver more than once by double-clicking a row in address book list
  6. Automatic printing after receiving a fax didn't work in some circumstances (user specific restrictions)
  7. Some minor issues

Version 3.02 (Build 3.02.4240)

  • Changes

  1. Transmission protocol is only printed, if a job is visible
  2. You may save each fax as draft for later usage
  3. MS Outlook XP support
  4. Online Update enabled again
  • Bugs fixed

  1. Date/time were not added to database in some circumstances
  2. Settings didn't close clicking on SAVE button in some circumstances, if MySQL is used
  3. Rules Wizard didn't enable subfolder selection in some circumstances
  4. New LDAP address books couldn't be saved in some circumstances
  5. Receiving state was not updated in all circumstances (depending on refresh rate)
  6. Message about new faxes was not shown in some circumstances
  7. Fax merge naming issue
  8. Some minor issues

Version 3.00 (Build 3.00.4150)

  • Changes

  1. ClearFax TIFF Driver available
  2. New Rules Wizard for handling received faxes depending on CID
  3. Added e-mail address selection (Outlook and Cypheus' Global Address Book)
  4. Added TIFF conversion before sending fax to HylaFAX (optional)
  5. Added checking for invisible network shares at FaxInfoCenter -> Copy Folder
  6. Added automatic archiving to HTML/JPEG of all received/sent faxes (MySQL needed)
  7. HylaFAX status' height on main page is now adjustable
  8. Double-clicking a row of the lists at FaxInfoCenter opens the document (if available) instead of showing detailed page
  9. All selected rows at FaxInfoCenter could be deleted
  10. All buttons show Tooltips
  11. Menu added to Fax Viewer window, enhanced popup menu
  12. Added friendly server name
  13. Added "Forward by e-mail" to main window
  14. Changed ZIP library due to some not recoverable errors
  15. You can print transmission protocols of successful sent faxes only
  16. "Retry Time" setting added
  17. Added support for HylaFAX archive function by setting job's DONEOP = "archive"
  18. Cypheus settings can be exported/imported. Import is done automatically at startup, if Cypheus finds a file "Cypheus.cyr" in it's program folder
  19. Preview window is now sizeable/moveable. It will always stay on top of the main window
  20. Added support for more than one server to MySQL tables. Sent faxes now have an unique ID, server IP/name is stored in each record of sent and received faxes
  21. Some minor usability enhancements.
  • Bugs fixed

  1. Changed fax state handling due to changed HylaFAX output
  2. Job log file doesn't display in some circumstances
  3. If more than one received fax is selected and printed, only state of the first fax was changed
  4. Changing icon size at settings didn't change main page's button bar correctly
  5. Call-by-Call settings were not saved in some circumstances
  6. Sync of columns of sub-folders and FaxInfoCenter
  7. User specific folder of received faxes was not selected in some circumstances
  8. Printing received faxes didn't work in some circumstances
  9. Modem selection was not recognized while resending a sent fax
  10. Due to a little bug in HylaFAX, Cypheus now uses the last document while sending a mass fax. This might slightly slow down the delivery but is as save as possible (see
  11. Address Books: two resizing issues
  12. A lot of minor issues