Configuring HylaFAX

Please, check the configuration of HylaFAX. The following values are necessary in order to be able to open any received fax or to use the FaxInfoCenter:

<Path to HylaFAX>/etc/config.<device>

RecvFileMode: 0644
LogFileMode: 0644
DeviceMode: 0666

Change the values, save the file and restart HylaFAX & faxgetty.

Configuring Cypheus

In order to be able to use all features of Cypheus, here a short manual for installation and configuration:

  • Install MDAC 2.5 SP3 (or higher)
  • Install MySQL and add Cypheus database using "cypheus.mysql"

In order to use FaxInfoCenter, please enter/select these values at Settings -> FaxInfoCenter:

  • Save copy of all outgoing documents
  • Copy Folder
    In a network environment this folder should be on the server.

The other options/settings on this page are optional.

Create Overlay

This is how you easily create a high-quality overlay:

  • In a program of your choice, firstly create the template, incl. logo, address, company name etc.
  • Print this document on the Cypheus ClearFax printer. It is important here that the resolution set in the printer driver corresponds to the later fax resolution. Select 204 x 196 dpi for a high resolution overlay, 204 x 98 dpi for normal resolution. Also the page format has to correspond to your standard page format.
  • As soon as the "Send fax" dialog appears, right-click on the TIFF file in the list of documents and select "Save as…". Enter a characteristic name and select the standard folder for overlays. Cancel the transmission of faxes.
  • Open Settings -> Overlay and select the newly created file.
  • Store the definition.


  • It is recommendable to create an overlay for each of the two resolutions.
  • If you assign an overlay to a fax, it will be sent in the resolution of the overlay. All pages are adapted if necessary.
  • Please make sure that HylaFAX also inserts the header at the upper margin. You therefore should leave free space of min. 5 mm.
  • All black areas are laid over the fax totally covering, white areas appear transparent.
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